Levitin Ye.Ya.Levitin Yevgen Yakovych – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Levitin Ye.Ya. Levitin Ye.Ya. Levitin Ye.Ya.

Levitin Yevgen Yakovich was born in 1951 in Kharkiv. After graduating from high school he worked as an electrical fitter at 8 State Bearing Plant. In 1969 he entered the Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute, which in 1974 graduated with honors. From 1975 to 1978 he studied in graduate school at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry KhPhI. In 1980 he defended his thesis in the specialty 15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy on the topic “Synthesis, structure and biological activity of 7-nitro and 7-aminoacridines”.

After defending a thesis, the range of scientific research of Levitin Ye.Ya. has expanded. The objects of his research were not only derivatives of acridine, but also intermediates for its synthesis – benzoic and N-phenanthranilic acid. The result of these studies was the preparative method for the synthesis of N-phenanthranilic acid derivatives and the drug analben, which has high analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity and passed the second phase of clinical trials. Levitin Ye.Ya. was awarded the sign “Inventor of the USSR”.

In 1982, Levitin Ye.Ya. received the scientific title of associate professor, and since 1994 he has been the head of inorganic chemistry department at the National University of Pharmacy. He is the founder of the scientific direction in Ukraine – the use of magnetic fluids in medicine. Under his leadership, defended Ph.D. dissertations of I.O. Vedernykova. “Synthesis, properties and biological activity of magnetite and magnetically controlled liquid” and Koval A.O. “Synthesis, the study of the physicochemical properties of ferrite as a component of magnetically controlled therapeutic and diagnostic agents” in the specialty 15.00.02. Under the leadership of Levitin Ye.Ya. doctoral work is protected by associate professor Vedernykova I.O. “Synthesis, properties and biological activity of magnetic materials to create dosage forms”

The result of scientific research was the development of a new magnetically controlled radiopaque agent, which, by its radiocontrast, is 1.55 times as much as traditional media and, due to its magnetic control, makes it possible to contrast any parts of the stomach and other human cavities. An ointment with magnetite has been developed and patented and a method for the treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases, which allows to clean wounds without the use of additional funds, enhances the therapeutic effect by 20% and shortens the recovery period. Under the guidance of Ye.Ya. Levitin, a magnetically controlled soft dosage form was also developed for use in otoringology in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and tonsils. Effective conservative treatment using this dosage form eliminates (reduces) the need for oral medication, which increases the pharmacotherapeutic effect and is safer and more rational. Much attention Levitin Ye.Ya. devotes to the implementation of the results of scientific research in medicine. A Technical conditions for medical magnetite was created, which allows for the first time in the Union of Independent States to develop and introduce magnetic drugs containing magnetiteThe IDA was developed for highly dispersed barium hexaferrites, which makes it possible to later introduce new magnetically controlled X-ray contrast agents.

Since 2017, Ye.Ya. Levitin – chairman of the organizing committee of the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical Internet conference with international participation “Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in pharmacy and medicine”, which is held at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, NUPh.

Levitin Ye.Ya. is a co-author of the Inorganic Chemistry Program for students of higher pharmaceutical educational and pharmaceutical faculties of higher medical educational institutions of III – IV accreditation levels, the author of the textbook and practical work “General and Inorganic Chemistry” for students of higher pharmaceutical educational (2000, 2003) and “Inorganic chemistry “for students of higher pharmaceutical institutions (2002), author of the textbook” General and inorganic chemistry “(2009) with the stamp of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Manual on Chemistry for entering the universities (2006, 2008) ifom MES of Ukraine.

In 2018, the National Textbook “General and Inorganic Chemistry” and the textbook “Medical Chemistry” (with the signature of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) were published.

In June 2004, Levitin Ye. Ya. in the Moscow Medical Academy. I.M. Sechenov defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Synthesis and biological activity of derivatives of halobenzoic acids and acridine, created on their basis” in the specialty 15.00.02. In 2005 he was awarded the title of professor.

Author of more than two hundred printed works, including 19 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. For many years of work and significant contribution to the development of health care and high professionalism, he was awarded the Diploma of the first regional competition “Higher School of Kharkiv region – the best names” (2000), Diploma of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2001), Diploma of III degree “Science of Kharkiv Region 2002” in the nomination “ Applied works ”, Diploma in the nomination“ Textbooks ”and Diploma of the General Directorate of Education and Science of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2005). In 2010, listed in the Golden Book of Honor NUPh. In 2011, for many years of conscientious work, a significant personal contribution to the preparation of pharmacy specialists in Ukraine, he was awarded the Diploma of the NUPh, in 2014, he was awarded the Certificate of Honor for the fruitful research work.

Public activity:

Levitin Ye.Ya. since 2007 headed the CMC NUPh, and since 2014 he is the deputy chairman of the Central Methodological Council of the University. Member of the Approval Council of the NUPh in the specialty 14.03.05 – Pharmacology.

Scientific school:

He prepared 1 doctor (Vedernykova I. O. “Synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of ferrite nanoparticles for creating magnetic medicines”, 2013) and 3 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences (Vedernykova I. O. “Synthesis, properties and biological activity of magnetite and a magnetically controlled liquid”, 2006; Koval A. O. “Synthesis, study of the physicochemical properties of ferites as components of magnetically controlled therapeutic and diagnostic agents”, 2009; Chan T. M. “Synthesis, physico-chemical Kie and biological properties of magnetically nanocomposite Ag @ Fe3O4 “, 2017).

Professor Levitin Ye.Ya. teaches disciplines: “General and inorganic chemistry”,”Medical chemistry” “Bioactivity of inorganic compounds” for students of the 1st year of all specialties. After graduating with the honors of the Kyiv state courses of foreign languages, “Interlingua” (2001) teaches “General and inorganic chemistry”in English.

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