Bondarenko N.BONDARENKO Nataliia (27.02.1980, Kharkiv) – Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry of National University of Pharmacy.

Graduated from Kharkov Pharmaceutical Academy in 2001, where she has worked since 2002: firstly, there was studying in postgraduate course (2002 – 2005), then she was transferred to the position of assistant of the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of National University of Pharmacy (2005 – 2010); since 2010 and still she has been working as associate professor.

She conducts lectures, practical classes and seminars on discipline “Physical and Colloid Chemistry”, and selected disciplines “Sorbents of medical purpose” and “Theoretical bases of technology of medical forms”; she’s the developer and tutor of distance courses “Module 1: Physical Chemistry” and Module 2 “Colloid chemistry”, which since September 2018 have been recommended for use in the educational process of National University of Pharmacy. She is responsible for the educational work at the department, one of the methodologists of the department and the responsible secretary of the EC faculty of pharmaceutical technologies and management. Since September 2018 she has been a student of evening form of training on a specialty “Pedagogy of high school” of National University of Pharmacy.

Scientific direction: application of kinetic methods in pharmaceutical analysis.

She defended her Ph.D. thesis on the topic: “Analytical systems based on the coupling oxidative reactions of organic reductor by hydrogen(acyl)peroxides and those using on pharmaceutical analysis” (2007). She is an applicant for postgraduate education and performs thesis on the topic: “Application of kinetic methods in pharmaceutical analysis” (scientific consultant: doctor of chemical sciences, professor Blazheyevskiy M. Ye.). During the work of the department on the topics of candidate and doctoral theses published more than 25 scientific papers.

Bondarenko N. Bondarenko N. Bondarenko N.
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