Scientific activities

1974–1986 – problems of synthesis and study of the fine structure of acridine derivatives, study of the dependence of biological activity on the location and nature of substituents for the directed synthesis of biologically active compounds.

1986–1993 – synthesis of benzoic acid hetero derivatives and acridines, based on them, study of the physicochemical and biomedical properties of the compounds obtained.

Rrom 1994 р. – prof. Ye.Ya. Levitin started a new scientific field – “Nanotechnological Aspects of the Use of Magnetic Fluids in Pharmacy and Medicine”. In this direction, 1 doctoral thesis (I.A. Vedernikova “Synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of ferrite nanoparticles for the creation of magnetic pharmaceuticals” (2013) and 3 PhDs (Synthesis, properties and biological activity of magnetite and of magnetocontrolled fluid ”(2006), Koval A.A.“ Synthesis, study of physicochemical properties of ferrites as a component of magnetocontrolled therapeutic and diagnostic tools ”(2009), Chan T.M.“ Synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of magnetocontrolled nanocomposite Ag @ Fe3O4 ”(2017)) thesis.

Almost from the first years of its existence, the Student Science Society has been working for which the best first year students are encouraged to work, some of them continue their studies in their senior years. The CSP scientists published 21 thesis reports at student scientific conferences, obtained a patent of Ukraine.

Total index of the worst employees of the Department (Scopus) – 12. Total number of documents to be indexed (Scopus) – 50. Total number of citations (Scopus) – 58.

The total number of protected dissertations: 3 doctoral and 11 PhD theses.

Medicines were created (Analben, Analben-Retard, Magnetic Ointments for use in Otolaryngology, etc.) of various pharmacological actions.

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