Dear students!

Some of you have not yet completed the study of the department’s disciplines (listed below) and do not have the appropriate points that allow you to continue your studies in the next semester. Now there is still a chance to take the courses (take the tests and write the Final Module Control) until August 30.

The classes will not be no online at this time.

Good luck!

+38097 -07-107-98  (phone, viber) – Olena KOVALSKA

Physical and colloid chemistry (spring 2022)
Enrolment key: 2402

General and Inorganic Chemistry (spring 2022)
Enrolment key: 4042022

Fundamentals of quantitative calculations in pharmacy (spring 2022)
Enrolment key: 04042022

Biological Activity of Inorganic Compounds (spring 2022)
Enrolment key: 4042022

General and Inorganic Chemistry. Textbook

General and Inorganic Chemistry. Tests Collection

General and Inorganic Chemistry. Laboratory Practicum

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