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Dear students!

For the  period 12.03 – 03.04, you need to study topic № 1 “Classes and nomenclature of inorganic compounds“.

You can download the electronic version of the Inorganic Chemistry Journal at the University Library website (The document has an electronic version. Log in to access).

Then complete the topic Classes and Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds – Task No 1.

This is your first homework !!!


We are glad to welcome you on the web-page of the department of inorganic chemistry National Universiyty of Pharmacy (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
Here you can find out the latest news from the life of the department, get acquainted with achievements, history, employees, scientific activity, educational work and many other.
From 02/09/19 head of the Department – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Docent Klimenko Lina Yuriivna.

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